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Serving Military Families

Everyday life for military members and their families can be filled with a level of uncertainty and displacement. The stress on these families is unique and underscores the need for a safe place to find refuge, rest, and renewal.

Black Diamond Camp has consistently hosted military groups since December 2018. Not only have they made it a point to welcome military families from all over the region, but they have formed a specific partnership with a program called Strong Bonds.

Strong Bonds is a unit-based, chaplain-led program assisting commanders in building individual resiliency by strengthening the Army Family. Their retreats provide a fun, safe, and secure environment in which to address the impact of relocations, deployments, and military lifestyle stressors.

The experience military families have at Black Diamond Camp is different than other locations. Here is what one guest shared: “The level of the love, care, and concern of the staff is evident in everything they do because of their desire to serve. That plays out in their love for the military. That has been very evident.”  By the end of the weekend, families are relaxed, connected, and most importantly, the kids don’t want to leave. Opportunities to disconnect from the stress of the world and strengthen family and community bonds are what Camp is all about.

It is an honor to serve those who serve our country. Warm Beach Camp Ministries is looking forward to continuing to bless our military guests through refuge, rest, and renewal at all three of our campuses.

fire circles

Oasis Around the Campfire

For a few days we get to be together this summer. It will be a time of Oasis. Family and friends connecting after a long time apart. Its time. I am excited to be with you. I sure hope you can come. Our gathering will be filled with fresh simplicity and a relaxed space. Enjoy the pool, hike some trails, take in mini golf, disc golf, ride your bike, kids concert on the lawn, and make some incredible memories. Bring ...

More Than I Could Ask For

I volunteer with Warm Beach Camp Horsemanship. 2020 was my first year with the program, and it was remarkable! At first, I was a little bit wary of connecting with another group of horsewomen, as I had "PTSD" of sorts from my experiences at stables with other strong horsewomen. I felt God tugging at my elbow though, so I went through the volunteer registration process and set a date to meet Ginger at the Warm Beach Camp stables. Ginger and ...

Oasis Family Camp 2021 – What You Need to Know

I am so excited Warm Beach Camp is able to offer Oasis Family Camp this year! It will be Wednesday, July 28-Sunday, Aug. 1 and it's going to have a new look and feel this year. The focus is on connecting and having fun together as a family. Your family can connect with God through worship, devotions, hospitality, fellowship, and creation, and with each other through fun activities and time spent together! Due to COVID related restrictions, we will not ...