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Somebody to Lean On


“Sometimes in our lives we all have pain, we all have sorrow.” as the song goes. This can be especially true when difficult circumstances arise in our youth. Children have no control over their circumstance. Everyone is making decisions for them, and it can be hard not to feel isolated, confused, and sad.

This was the very situation Ms. Belltower or Puhi (camp name) found herself in just a few short years ago. Puhi’s parents were in the midst of a divorce when she came to Youth Camp at Warm Beach. It was an extremely challenging time for her emotionally. When the counselors learned what Puhi was going through, they rallied around her to provide love and support.

“Every time I needed a hug, a counselor was there. Every time I needed a tissue, a counselor was there. Every time I needed to not be alone, a counselor was there. The counselors really helped me through.” said Puhi. This is the heart of Christ in action. When we are alone, when we need comfort, He is there. The counselors at Warm Beach Camp lived this out in the life of Puhi, and it has had a lasting impact.

“One thing I learned at Warm Beach is that no matter the situation, time, place, or circumstance, God is there.”

Puhi began attending Warm Beach Day Camp at the age of four. This summer is Puhi’s 11th summer at Warm Beach Camp, but this time she is a Counselor in Training where she is learning how to be the support she received at camp, that so many campers need.

Thank you for helping make this kind of transformation possible.

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