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Jenny (Records) Filonczuk was a camp counselor the summers of ’98 – ‘00. She and her husband, Shannon, recently moved to Mineola, Texas, where Shannon teaches high school chemistry and Jenny runs a program at the high school for “at-risk” youth. Jenny says that God has blessed them greatly in this move from their former home in Oregon.

Sonya (Seifert) Lydford on summer staff ’92, along with her husband, Robert, finalized the adoption of Alice Yei Klembia Lydford on National Adoption Day. She is originally from Liberia in West Africa. Alice is one of seven children still living at home: Denise, age 18 and a college student, Daisy, age 17, Zeneida, age 13, Zack, age 8, Mark, age 5, and Mateo, age 2. This is the Lydford’s 12th adoption. They were featured in a news story by their local TV station. You can view this clip on YouTube by typing in Lydford adoption. Sonya is a stay-at-home-mom, and Robert is in his final year of law school. The Lydfords live in Vernon Center, New York.

Jennifer Gray, who worked in Food Service and Recreation between ’00 and ’06, was married to Faka ‘osi Halalilo in a Tongan/American wedding ceremony in the Kingdom of Tonga on January 24, 2009. Jennifer is serving with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in the Pacific, where she helps develop media and communications for YWAM missionaries. When the couple first met, they had a bit of a language challenge. But, today, Jennifer says they both speak perfect Tonglish! The couple is living in Tonga.

If you have news regarding any of our former staff members, please drop us a line to let us know. We will share your news in The Sounder with all of our Staff Alumni. Mail it to the Camp’s address, and mark it “Staff Alumni News,” or e-mail it to Gary Kocher at the Camp.

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