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The Heartbeat of the Organization

Warm Beach Camp Ministries has relied heavily on volunteerism since the organization’s inception. With an ever-growing need to serve people, Warm Beach Camp Ministries has created a solid foundation where individuals with a heart to serve can utilize their God-given talents that are mutually satisfying for the individual and the ministry.  

Wendy Gregory is one such volunteer who exemplifies the mission behind Warm Beach Camp Ministries. Wendy and her husband have been resident volunteers for the past six months at Warm Beach Camp. She retired from working at a financial institution five years ago due to losing her central vision. Unable to work and her husband nearing retirement, the couple decided to buy a fifth wheel with the intention of traveling the United States. While researching to find fulfilling work and options on where to live, Wendy who lived in the Stanwood community, contacted the volunteer coordinator about volunteer options at Warm Beach Camp. During the conversation, Wendy felt God calling her and her husband to the Camp and believed it was a perfect fit! The two sold their house and moved onto the grounds in their fifth wheel.  

While here, Wendy has found true fulfillment working and living in a faith community. The grounds at Warm Beach Camp have given her the freedom to walk and wander in a safe environment full of friendly faces offering to lend a hand. She enjoys being outside, surrounded by the beauty of His creation. In the short time Wendy has been here, she has participated in The Lights of Christmas, landscaped the sprawling grounds, worked shifts in accommodations and food service, and recently finished the Pioneer Skills training with Outdoor Education! Through volunteering at Warm Beach Camp, Wendy stated, “My experiences working here taught me that I am still very capable despite my disability.”  

The dedicated volunteer hours Wendy has worked at Warm Beach Camp and the community of believers she and her husband are now a part of have inspired them to want to continue traveling with purpose. “God has drawn us back to living for Him!” exclaimed Wendy. When they feel the nudge from God to move on from Warm Beach Camp, they will continue in ministry as they travel.  

It is through hard-working and passionate volunteers like Wendy Gregory that Warm Beach Camp Ministries thrives. They are the heartbeat of this organization, and the Camp is grateful for each volunteer who heeds the call to serve. At Warm Beach Camp, the volunteer coordinator works closely with each volunteer to showcase their strengths to help serve the ministry. The hope for every person coming to Warm Beach Camp Ministries is to encounter transformational experiences. If you are interested in volunteering, email Volunteer through the Contact Us form. 

Different Encounters

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