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The Lights of Christmas: A Community Event

Our community is a huge part of who we are as The Lights of Christmas. Our staff and volunteers help put the event together, local businesses help with promotion, donors support the big picture, and the people attend the event with their friends and family.

Over the last year, we worked to create bigger and brighter displays and I am excited for what we are accomplishing together. Volunteers were here all summer working on new displays like Icicle Falls, The Wandering Star, and the Believe display among many other projects this year.

We were also blessed with, and remain incredibly grateful for, a donation that allowed us to elevate the Christmas story with an expansion of our Nativity scene. It will have three additional scenes before you arrive at the manger scene, including the three wise men and the shepherds
watching their flock.

We also worked with a local company to develop The Lights of Christmas mobile app to download before you arrive at the event. There are many elements included like a reading of the Christmas story, an Advent calendar, Bruce the Spruce jokes, Storytelling, and more. You can enjoy both at the event and at home.

We are so grateful for these relationships and continue to grow an event together that allows everyone to share in the joy of Christmas. My hope for this year is our community will experience that joy and share it wherever they go. I look forward to seeing you all at the Drive-Thru this year.

As Bruce the Spruce would say, “Cedar Later!”

Learn more about The Lights of Christmas at

-Kayla Castiglione
The Lights of Christmas Director

Praise the Lord for our new Guest Service Associates, Scott Brandenberger & Liz McBride

Welcome Scott Brandenberger! Many of you may already know him from his time as Camp counselor at Warm Beach in 2005. In the intervening years, Scott has lived in Korea where he met and married his wife, Grace. They have three wonderful kids (Alan, Elsa, Levi)  to add to our Camp family. Scott has also owned his own woodworking business, been a teacher and brings many years of customer service to our team. He will be working on the Registration ...

This is God’s Place

God chose Warm Beach Camp to be the home of The Lights of Christmas! He chose the people to start this amazing experience to share the true message of Christmas. He fills the staff with His love and joy so that it pours out of us to the community to soften hearts and bring change. The world is a dark place, and the last couple of years have been difficult! But no matter what, when you drive through The Lights ...

Horses: Life Impact

If you have ever felt a horse’s warm breath on your skin or breathed in their scent as you hugged their neck while laying your head on their side, you will know that horses have a way of reaching deep into your soul. They bringing comfort to places in your heart that may be buried under layers of grief, bitterness, rejection, fear, or hurt. Our goal at Warm Beach Horsemanship is to provide as many opportunities as possible for people ...