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O Lord , if you heal me, I will be truly healed; if you save me, I will be truly saved. My praises are for you alone!

Jeremiah 17:14 NLT

What is it that you really want to be healed from? 

Is there a set of circumstances or relationships you need to be saved from? 

How are your own efforts to be healed and saved working out?

I have come to yearn for the saving and healing God alone brings to me.  Truly I long for the people near me to know the amazing ways of God.

There is a strong desire to solve our own issues and take care of our own stuff. While personal responsibility is good, it does not produce true healing, or saving.

When people choose ways of coping that only address the symptoms, I want to lovingly draw close and invite them to reach beneath the symptoms and fall into the arms of Jesus.

The day we lay our lives into the loving hands of God through Jesus Christ, is the day that being saved and healed can truly be a reality. God changes our approach. He intervenes, with the miraculous and the practical.

God teaches us how to forgive, rather than hold on to grudges or bitterness.

God gives us His peace and rest. We may have a bit of learning to do to actually rest in God’s peace.

God heals miraculously. God also has created us in His image, with a body and mind that have incredible built-in healing capacities. Often good care and rest are all that is needed. Our challenge is to rest and make necessary life changes to support God’s healing.

Jeremiah, the prophet, came to understand that all forms of healing and salvation exist. He also came to understand that God is the way of true healing and salvation. Jeremiah came to focus his praise on God alone.

Encouragement: Be specific about where you need to be saved and healed. Go to God. Ask God to truly save and heal you. If it’s hard to go to God alone, invite a friend. Be available to respond to God’s healing and saving ways in your life.

Dear Father God,

There is such a huge need in all of us to place ourselves fully into your saving and healing care. We resist for reasons that don’t make sense, but we hold onto them none-the-less. Please, through Jesus, save us. Please, though the Holy Spirit, heal us. We give You praise. We give You thanks.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen

–Ed McDowell, Executive Director
Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center

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