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Update on Projects – August 2010

Here is the latest news on the Camp projects currently underway:


  • Projects planned for the Stables include running a water line out for a winterized watering trough, and collecting and piping away the runoff water from the roofs of all the buildings to an area away from the manure shed to help protect the environment. This work will be done as manpower is available.
  • We continue to work with building engineers and the architects on the final building plans for the Cedar Lodge renovation project, phases I, II, and III, so that we can submit our plans to the County for building permits. The first phase will be moving the restrooms to the main floor. Actual construction is dependent on receiving our Conditional Use Permit.
  • Funds were raised at Men’s Advance and Women’s Retreats for replacing the railings around the Program Center Courtyard, and repainting the exterior walls of the Program Center. This work will be done when the use of these facilities slows down after the busy summer season, and we have the volunteers available.
  • Work is nearing completion on the installation of the pasture sprinkler system. Once in operation, this system will allow us to irrigate our pastures with treated and reclaimed wastewater, with zero discharge of treated effluent into the bay during the summer seasons.
  • There will be some painting, roofing, and construction projects planned between now and the end of the year on several Camp buildings. If you would like to volunteer to help with any of these, please contact Jessica in our volunteer office.
  • Please continue to pray for the Camp’s Conditional Use Permit application before the County. This permit must be approved before we can begin the Cedar Lodge renovation project, and will affect all future development of the Camp for the next 30 years.


Praise the Lord for our new Guest Service Associates, Scott Brandenberger & Liz McBride

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This is God’s Place

God chose Warm Beach Camp to be the home of The Lights of Christmas! He chose the people to start this amazing experience to share the true message of Christmas. He fills the staff with His love and joy so that it pours out of us to the community to soften hearts and bring change. The world is a dark place, and the last couple of years have been difficult! But no matter what, when you drive through The Lights ...

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