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Update on Projects – February 2013

Here is the latest news on the Camp projects currently underway:

  • The first phase of parking improvements for The Lights of Christmas was completed before the event opened last December. This included expanded parking across Marine Drive from the entrance and better delineation for pedestrian walkways coming from Marine Drive to the ticket booths. Phase 2 will proceed this summer and fall and involves moving some of the storage in the shop yard to a different location and utilizing the vacated space for additional parking. We will also be moving the sand volleyball court from near the Program Center to closer to the swimming pools and changing the current location into parking for The Lights. New landscaping will go in this fall, completing the project.
  • Planning is underway for Phases 2 and 3 of Cedar Lodge renovation. We are planning to start construction in 2014 on renovating Cedar Lodge Chapel. This year, we hope to replace the walk-in freezers and coolers in the Kitchen as part of the downstairs kitchen expansion/remodel, part of the third phase.
  • The signage project, installing markers for the Native Growth Protection Areas (NGPA) identifying the buffer areas on the grounds that need to be preserved, is nearly complete. Volunteers are finishing up installing the 200 NGPA signs plus additional interpretive signs this spring. Additional conservation projects include a native growth buffer between the Pool and Senior Community, invasive plant removal (blackberries and ivy), and a new native plant buffer and fence along the property line above Bayview Ranch House.
  • We’ve been working on drainage improvements on the playfield at W-Bar-B Ranch. Now the Stillaguamish Tribe is partnering with us, using the drainage area as a test site for a water quality study on the bio-filtration capabilities of mushrooms. We are pleased to have this opportunity to work with the Tribes on developing natural and sustainable approaches to water quality improvements.
  • The conversion of Chinook Village for service as the home for the Special Friends camping program is continuing this spring. The restroom building will be upgraded to meet ADA requirements to accommodate those with disabilities. Also, a medical room with be set up to allow for care of the special needs campers.
  • Some projects in the works for the next few months include: installing a new server on the Camp’s computer system, interior painting of Cascadian, Maple Center, and Cedar Lodge Lobby, replacing several roofs as funds allow, and replacing several sections of crumbling sidewalks for safety reasons. We also have a special push on to power wash and clean as many of our buildings, roofs, and other areas as possible that are adversely affected by our wet climate.
  • Projects in the planning stages include: manure containment at the Stables where we are evaluating containment options; drainage in the horse corrals; building a new announcer’s stand next to the grandstands; installing underground sprinklers and moving the overhead electrical wires underground in Cedar Lodge front lawn; and repairing the weather damage in the decks at the Mount Baker cabins.

If you would be interested in volunteering to help with any projects, whether you have a few hours, a few days or more, contact Jessica Wilson at the Camp or by email at

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