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Update on Projects – January 2011

240_cedarlodge_drawingHere is the latest news on the Camp projects currently underway:

  • The Camp’s Conditional Use Permit has been submitted to the County. Now it goes through a 120 day evaluation and hearing process. We are hoping that the public hearing where there is opportunity for the community to comment on the plans can take place in February. The County can also require revisions. Please pray that the plans will be approved with support from the community and few revisions by the County.
  • While we complete the final plans for the Cedar Lodge renovation project and wait for building permits, work has begun on some major repair work in the dish room that must be done before the main project can be started. This takes the dish room out of service for about four weeks, requiring the use of disposable tableware to serve our guests. Hopefully, this work will be completed quickly and without any hitches. Lord willing, the actual work on the Cedar Lodge project, first phase — moving the restrooms to the main floor — will begin later this year.
  • The light hanging crew is busy taking down the 1.2 million Christmas lights from The Lights of Christmas. It takes three months to put up all the lights, and about a month to take them down. Then, between February and September when we start the light hanging process all over again, each string must be tested and the broken ones repaired.
  • Projects being prepared for this spring include repainting the interiors and putting down new flooring in the W-Bar-B Bunkhouse cabins, and installing new windows and siding, and painting the exterior of one of the Camp’s dorm houses. At the Program Center, we will be replacing the railings in the Courtyard, putting down new carpeting in two of the meeting rooms, and repainting the exterior walls. If you would be interested in volunteering to help with any of these projects, contact Jessica Beach at the Camp.

Interacting with God

May I ask you a couple of questions? • Who is a person that you are close to? • How do you interact with each other? For me, the person I am closest to is Bev. We have been married for 44 years and counting. Our interaction has many expressions. It ranges from profound conversation to working on a project. There is laughter and joy. There are times of sorrow and comfort. We pray together. We help carry each other’s ...
Disabilities Program - Serving Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Camp SunSparrow

It is common knowledge that people need interaction with one another. To take that fact a step further, community and belonging are critical to the health and well-being of each and every person on planet Earth. It is a lesser-known fact that people with intellectual or developmental disabilities don’t have the same access to community as most populations. While there are a slowly growing number of environments facilitating this type of interaction, there is a continued need for these individuals ...

Horse Spotlight | Sapphire

We want to introduce you to the horses that serve at the Warm Beach Horsemanship and will be highlighting one of the 30 horses in our program every month.  Please meet our first horse, Sapphire. Age: 17 Breed: Friesian/QH Height: 15.1 Weight: 1,200 Color: Bay Discipline: English & Western With her kind spirit, steady temperament, and personable disposition, Sapphire is favored by many Warm Beach Horsemanship (WBH) students of all levels and disciplines. Sapphire has thrived in the WBH riding ...