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Update on Projects – March 2013

Here is the latest news on the Camp projects currently underway:

  • There are a couple of projects underway right now on the lawn between Cedar Lodge and Cascadian that are funded by a family who saw a need and stepped forward to make it happen. The overhead electrical lines that run above the lawn are being moved underground. Then, an underground sprinkler system will be installed. Together, these projects improve the safety, aesthetics, and functionality of this area of the grounds. Our thanks go to the family who is making this possible.
  • The native growth buffer along the property line between the pools and the Senior Community is being planted this month. This provides screening and a sound buffer between the pools and the apartments next door. The other property line project is above Bayview Ranch House where some invasive plant growth must be removed (blackberries and ivy), and a new native plant buffer planted and fencing installed. Both of these projects are part of the requirements of our Conditional Use Permit.
  • Chinook_SF_Camp_240The conversion of Chinook Village for service as the home for the Special Friends camping program is continuing this spring. Work has begun on modifying the restrooms to accommodate wheelchairs and meet A.D.A. requirements. A medical room is being set up to allow for care of the special needs campers, and cabinetry for medical supplies has been built by volunteers. We will be adding activity zones such as a magnetic wall, a texture wall, and a scent area to stimulate senses. Crafts emphasizing the theme of creativity with recycled products are being developed. We are looking for help on redesigning and constructing a fire circle with seating appropriate to those with mobility challenges. We don’t want our Special Friends campers to miss out on a key summer camp experience – campfires!
  • Several of the cement walkways on the grounds are in poor shape and need repair. One section is the sidewalk near the snack shop where tree roots have cracked the concrete and pushed the sidewalk up. For safety, this must be repaired as soon as possible and is scheduled to be done this spring.
  • Some projects currently underway include: painting the interior of Cascadian Lodge (nearly finished), replacing the server for the Camp’s computer system (nearly ready to be installed), power-washing and cleaning as many of our buildings, roofs, and other areas as possible (underway with lots of help from staff and volunteers), and the sprinkler system in the ball field is being repaired and both fields are being leveled for safer play.
  • Working Weekend is coming up Memorial Day Weekend and we are excited to have about 70 volunteers from Lakeland Christian School in Lakeland, Florida, join us. They will be here for a senior class trip and service project. They will work alongside our regular volunteers at Working Weekend on landscaping and gardening, deep cleaning, trail maintenance, conservation projects, new picnic table construction, and Chinook Village improvements. Seniors from Lakeland came for the first time in 2003 and have come a number of times since. They are always a great group of kids to work with.

If you would be interested in volunteering to help with any projects, whether you have a few hours or a few days, contact Jessica Wilson at the Camp or by email at

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