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Update on Projects – May 2012

Here is the latest news on the Camp projects currently underway:

  • THEY ARE OPEN!!! There are still a few finishing touches that are needed to complete the project, but the new restrooms on the main floor of Cedar Lodge were opened for the first time this past weekend for Women’s Retreat. We thank all of our guests, who of the past several months, have been patient and understanding for the noise, mess, and inconvenience. We also thank all of the people who have given financially to make this project possible. Next time you are on the grounds, take a look at the new restrooms!
  • Chinook_Work_Party_2-240The Special Friends Camping program is moving to Chinook Village this summer. To get this facility ready to meet the special needs of this group, we have a series of projects to complete. The funds needed for this project are coming from Men’s Advance and Refresh Women’s Retreats. We are also very grateful for a grant awarded from the Jeannie and David Brenner Fund through the Greater Everett Community Foundation. The Camp staff had a half-day work party recently to get the project started. A group of men are coming from the Mars Hill Church in Bellevue, and Memorial Working Weekend participants will also be helping. We are excited to see these improvements create a safe, welcoming environment for the Special Friends.
  • A number of projects are in different stages of planning, work, or completion this spring. Much of the firewood for summer is cut and stacked, and the remainder will be done by Working Weekend. Habitat planting is in progress and going well. Volunteers have painted and deep-cleaned two of the staff dorms, getting ready for summer. An Eagle Scout group is designing and building shooting stations for our BB-gun and Archery Ranges at W-Bar-B Ranch. A volunteer group from Stanwood tore off the leaking and broken corrugated roofing over the Cedar Lodge deck and a new roof is being installed. New sound system cabinets and equipment are being installed in Program Center Rooms A and B by volunteers.
  • Projects we are still working on this spring and summer include landscaping and painting the exterior of the new Cedar Lodge addition, assembly and installation of new park benches, installing new front entrance signs, renovation work on several staff cottages, installing new chemical storage for the pool, expanding parking and consolidating storage for The Lights of Christmas, and installing buffer planting and putting up signage as required by our conditional use permit.

If you would be interested in volunteering to help with any projects, whether you have a few hours or a few days, contact Jessica Wilson at the Camp.

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