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Welcome Emily Lambert, Development Systems Coordinator

Please welcome Emily Lambert, our new Development Systems Coordinator 

Emily began working at Warm Beach Camp as Summer Staff in 2002. From there, Emily filled many roles: Youth Camp Counselor, Youth Camp Dean, Summer Staff Accommodations, Dining Room Manager, Outdoor Education Director, and many roles in The Lights of Christmas. In 2015 Emily and her family moved to Wenatchee to serve in church ministry.  

After six years, Emily, her husband Matt, and four children (Elijah 12, Jonah 10, Asher 8, Mercy 4) are returning to Warm Beach Camp. Emily said, “I love the community life at Warm Beach Camp.  Camping ministry has always been woven into my core, it has always been one of my very favorite places to serve, and I am excited for our family to be back serving and living at Camp!” 

Having Emily on the Development Team will be a blessing to the department and the ministry. Emily is also excited about learning a new facet of ministry. “I love that Development gets to share the powerful story of what goes on at Warm Beach Camp Ministries with the people who hold Warm Beach near and dear like I do.  I look forward to learning a new role and being a support to the team.” 

Emily has long been a part of the Warm Beach family, and we are excited to now welcome her to the Development Team!

Flourishing and Abundance

Abundance from God has a surprising connection with our confession and acknowledgement of our own brokenness and limitations. I have found enormous freedom and confidence by recognizing God is coursing through my life, and increasingly living His will through me. The challenge is to lean into the growth God is putting before me. By leaning into God, I experience flourishing.  Warm Beach Camp Ministries stands in the abundant provision of God. It is daily. It is beyond what we could see or ...

Grateful for Our Faithful Volunteers

I have worked at Warm Beach Camp for many years. Only recently did I begin working with volunteers in a broader context while serving as the Interim Volunteer Coordinator. What an encouragement to all the staff to see how faithfully the volunteers want to serve. Several volunteers help us for many hours each week. So much of what they do is critical to the ministry. During The Lights of Christmas, we have volunteers that fall into the age category of “the golden years” ...

God’s Enduring Love

As we transition from 2021 to 2022 there is a profound truth that has become our focus for 2022:  God’s Enduring Love. We just finished the 24th season of The Lights of Christmas, the 2nd year of a drive-thru format. We shared and experienced God’s enduring love. The story of Jesus coming to save us, God coming to be with us, was clearly evident through, and word. We are grateful for all those who chose to take this in. As we look ...