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We exist to provide environments, experiences, and resources, which draw people of all ages to God through the ministry of Christian Camping.

Desired Outcomes of Our Mission

  • To see people come to know Jesus Christ.
  • To see people grow in Christian living.
  • To see people prepare for worldwide Christian service.
  • To see people helped through education.
  • To see people nurtured through character-building activities.
  • To see people have fun.
  • To see people experience rest and renewal in a retreat setting.

The desired outcomes of the Warm Beach Christian Camps and Conference Center mission illustrate what we want to accomplish in the lives that are touched by the Camp's programs and ministries. Based on its heritage and commitment to the Free Methodist Church, Warm Beach Christian Camps and Conference Center focuses its ministry on the following foundational and ministry values.

Foundational Values

Our foundational values are those bedrock commitments that are non-negotiable. This means Warm Beach Camp will always be:
  • Christ-centered... focusing on Christ as the basis for ministry.
  • Biblically-based.... making decisions based on the truth of Scripture.
  • God-dependent.... depending on God for guidance and power.
  • Integrity-focused.... conducting ministry with honesty, transparency, trust, and relevance as authentic servants of Christ.
  • Vision-driven.... looking at the future through God's eyes.

Ministry Values

Warm Beach Camp's ministry values are expressions that illustrate how the various Camp programs and ministries will be approached and implemented. Warm Beach Camp's ministry values call us to be:
  • Excellence-inspired... offering the highest level of quality with integrity.
  • Service-motivated... approaching all people with a servant's heart and attitude.
  • Culturally-relevant.... meeting people's particular needs in today's complex world.
  • Nurture-sensitive.... helping people discover who they are and how they can grow in their God-given potential.
  • Relationally-minded.... putting people first over programs and policies.
  • Stewardship-conscious.... exercising biblical principles of stewardship to ensure the financial viability of the ministry.