Camp SunSparrow

Disabilities Program

Serving Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Warm Beach Camp is a Camp that cares. In an effort to serve those with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Snohomish County and beyond, Camp SunSparrow was created. Birthed from its long legacy of disability ministry, Camp SunSparrow is a new program that fosters the history of the disability program at Warm Beach Camp, located in Stanwood Washington, while bringing innovation to serving campers and volunteers. Volunteers have the opportunity to experience Camp as both a small group leader and a camper. They can also have the opportunity to earn community service hours, and internship/practicum credit. *Warm Beach Camp is a DSHS/DDA-approved facility.

Questions? Email the Developmental Disabilities Ministry through the Contact Us form.


Disabilities Program at Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center


Show Christ’s love by being a caring presence in the lives of campers with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Disabilities Program at Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center

Climbing Higher Days

Campers participate in fun adventure activities with trained kind staff and volunteers on special days throughout the year.


Day Camp

Make friends and memories, encounter creation, and grow with God. Summer day camps and Climbing Higher days available.

Disabilities Program at Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center


We would love for you to partner with us in prayer and financial support! The Kids 2 Camp fund supports Camp SunSparrow campers.