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When a life is touched by love the result is transformation.

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A young man with a troubled background turns his life around and is now reaching his peers for Christ - and it all began at Camp.

A mother discovers hope - and it all began at Camp where her child attends through the generosity of others.

Camp is a place where a kid can leave behind the cares, distractions, and problems of everyday life and embrace a new beginning. The love of God becomes more real at Camp, lived out through the lives of caring staff.

The Kids 2 Camp scholarship fund strengthens youth ministry and helps needy kids come to Camp. In partnership with over 40 churches and agencies, Warm Beach Camp draws more than 1600 campers a year to Camp who would otherwise be left out. Generous donors make Camp experience possible – and life changes here.

Giving kids the time of their lives can change their futures. Open your heart to a child and send them to Camp!

Partner with us by joining the $1 Dollar a Day Campaign and give $30 a month to make sure no one is left out of a chance to have their heart touched at Camp.

One time gifts of $50, $100, $500 or whatever you can give are also welcomed.

Every year the opportunity continues to grow. Our goal is to raise $250,000 annually to strengthen youth ministry and help needy kids come to Camp.

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A word to partnering churches and agencies

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Kids 2 Camp Testimonials

  • A picture of transformed lives +

    By Doug Jonson, Sozo Director, Tacoma Youth for Christ Camp counselor, Chrisy was at her wit’s end. When her cabin of teenage girls from Tacoma’s Learn More
  • Junior Camp 2010 +

    Jared M. Whitney, WBB #2July 18-24 2010 On Tuesday night a rad little guy named Dustin (9 yrs) asked me what “Brothers and Sisters in Learn More
  • Junior High Camp 2010 +

    Bekah Spangler, WBB #202 This past week was so amazing for me and my campers! I had two girls at the beginning of the week Learn More
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Kids 2 Camp Video

Kids 2 Camp Video