Through the Challenge Course Experience

It takes time and intentional effort for a team to work together and function at their peak level. Through our Team Building program, facilitators can help your group grow as a team while addressing issues of trust, respect, communication, understanding, problem-solving and conflict resolution. The experience is fun and can transform your group like never before!

A Team Building experience combines group and individual challenges that create a context for individuals to bond as a cohesive, supportive team. Through careful debriefing, team members have the opportunity to gain greater empathy, mutual respect, trust, and enhanced communication. All of these foundational qualities play a critical role in helping teams reach their potential.

Warm Beach Camp's high ropes and initiatives course is an outstanding tool for building team unity and helping people learn to overcome obstacles in their lives.

Seattle Christian Schools

In the beginning, we weren't communicating. At the end, we were a well-oiled machine.

Lake Washingtonn UMC Youth

Team-Building Initiatives and Low Ropes Course

Groups work together through carefully selected scenarios and challenges combined with opportunities for debriefing facilitated by trained challenge course professionals. Team Bulding experiences are customized by the facilitator based on the unique needs and goals of the group. Common needs and goals include:

  • Emergence of individual strengths and roles
  • Building of trust and confidence
  • Creation of team/group unity

High Ropes Circuit and Climbing Tower

The 25-foot suspended High Ropes Circuit challenges team members to overcome the fear of perceived risk in a professionally supervised setting.  The High Ropes circuit course brings participants out of their comfort zone and many times beyond what they thought could be accomplished.

The 40-foot Climbing Towerchallenges individuals to push harder and go higher than they may have thought possible. With the support of the whole team, and the help of our trained staff, climbers can overcome obstacles they may never attempt on their own.

These elements are specifically designed to:

  • Increase individual strength and confidence
  • Realize the value of team support and encouragement
  • Encourage trust and team bonding
  • Move team members out of their comfort zone
  • Achieve more as individuals and a group than ever thought possible

Ideal for:

  • Corporate and Non-Profit Work Groups
  • Public Safety Teams such as law enforcement, fire fighters, search & rescue, etc.
  • Mission Teams
  • Youth Groups
  • Drug & Alcohol Recovery Groups
  • Newly formed teams
  • Teams with new members
  • Teams who have worked together for a while

The Challenge Course at Warm Beach Camp builds teamwork, cooperation and trust. It really strengthens a group. Not until you try to solve a problem do you discover people's roles. Every time a group comes, we see growth.

Joe Wiederhold

Portable Initiatives Program

We come to you
Let us bring our trained facilitators and portable elements to your site and take your group through team-building sequences right on your property. Contact us for details.

Challenge Course Staff

ACCT logoOur Challenge Course meets the standards set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). Our Challenge Course facilitators are highly trained with years of experience in the industry. Every facilitator meets the minimum competencies as a challenge course practitioner as set forth by the Association for Challenge Course Technology. The staff receive rigorous training in line with ACCT standards.

The staff's attention to safety, their encouragement and patience when a little fear crept in, their joy and sense of fun were simply awesome!

Stringer and Company, Inc.

For more information email the Guest Services Department
or call 360-652-7575 / 800-228-6724

Recreation Waiver.pdf - completed form needed to participate in Team Building Initiatives and Challenge Course
Group Needs Assessment form.pdf - to be completed at least 2 weeks prior to scheduled visit

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