Challenge Course

Challenge Course

Whether you want a group bonding experience or a team building program, we have something for you!

We strive to facilitate fun life-impacting programs that foster growth by challenging individuals and groups to further respect, care, and love one another. We offer customizable programs to fit the needs of your group. Check out our Team Building Programs, Adventure Days, High Ropes Course and Climbing Tower! We offer programs for all ages and all types of groups!

Standard Team Building

Want to have fun and build trust? Let us help you!

  • Benefits for group or individual
  • Includes one of our team building elements
  • Half Day and Full Day sessions

Adventure Days

Experience a crazy amount of fun as a group!

  • Benefits for groups
  • Includes up to 7 different activities
  • Half Day and Full Day sessions

Ground Based Team Building

If heights aren’t up your alley, that’s ok! We have something for you!

  • A fun and effective way to bring your group together
  • Includes: Activities that are not high ropes.
  • Customizable half day and full day sessions

Custom Team Building

Let us bring our trained facilitators and portable elements to your site!

  • Your group participates in team building sequences on your property
  • Includes: Trained facilitators and portable elements
  • Customizable half day and full day sessions

Climbing Tower

Want to test your skills and challenge yourself on a 40’ climbing tower?

  • A fun, supervised, and supportive environment
  • Offers 12 unique routes with varying degrees of challenge.
  • Ages 7 and up
  • Available March-November

High Ropes Courses

Challenge your comfort zone in the trees 25’ above the ground!

  • Builds confidence and trust
  • Facilitators assist and instruct participants through various elements
  • Ages 12 and up <6th grade and up>
  • Available March-November