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Engaged Encounter

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Equip your marriage to go the distance. Your marriage will never be the same!

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2018 Dates: March 9-11, October 19-21

Marriage is more than saying “I do.” Your wedding will last for a moment, but a successful marriage will last a lifetime. Start your new life on the path to a successful marriage by attending Engaged Encounter at Warm Beach Camp.

Engaged Encounter is a quiet and relaxed weekend for couples who are contemplating marriage. It is designed to equip you with the necessary tools to ensure that your marriage is one of those that “goes the distance.”

Arrival: 7pm, Friday at Cascadian Lodge Lobby
Departure: 12:30pm, Sunday

What is Engaged Encounter?

  • A weekend to spend time planning, learning, and committing your future to God’s standards
  • Honest sharing by a panel of three Christian couples
  • Non-threatening… your privacy will be respected
  • Practical experience of self-discovery and mutual communication
  • Discovery of biblical principles for healthy marriage
  • Enjoy comfortable accommodations in Cascadian Lodge and fresh, prepared meals

Do we have to be “formally” engaged to attend?
No. You are very welcome even if you are “engaged to be engaged.” Also, Engaged Encounter is for couples of any age.

Who leads it?
Engaged Encounter is led by three Christian couples (a junior couple, a senior couple, and a clergy couple) who dare to be honest about their own marriages and answer the tough questions.

Do we have to say anything publicly?
No. Engaged Encounter is non-threatening. It is not group therapy. Your privacy will be respected.

[quote author=”Past Attendee” source=””]”It was great to have undisturbed time alone together as a couple, to talk through things that hadn’t been previously discussed. It was very affirming and relaxed!”[/quote]


All rates are per person and include event admission, program fee, meals, snacks, two (2) nights lodging (in US currency). Linens are not provided.

Lodging Rates
Cascadian Lodge – shared room / common bath.
Men & women lodged separately

$466 per couple


  • Full amount is due upon registration.
  • All housing is double occupancy, with men and women housed separately. Please anticipate that you will have one roommate for the weekend.

[register url=””]Register Now[/register]

For more information email the Registration Department or call 360-652-7575, or toll-free 800-228-6724, during office hours 8:30am – 5:00pm, Monday thru Friday.

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