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God Speaks through Rosie

I have recently been given the opportunity to work with Rosie, one of our newer horses that we are bringing along in training here at the Warm Beach Horsemanship barn. I am always excited to get to know a new horse and their personality. However, it didn’t take long to realize this sweet mare harbored a lot of anxiety and worry.

I tried to coax her into calmness with gentleness and patience, but she still didn’t fully trust me. When she saw my quiet calm, she dismissed me. When she saw my gentleness, she thought I had no power to keep her safe. So, she’d run off, searching desperately to find security in something else. For horses, that’s other horses.

This served as a great reminder for me to pause and really ask myself, what do I find my security in? And what stops me from running to God for peace? Sometimes it’s pride, thinking “it’s fine, I can do it on my own. I don’t need help.” But sometimes, like Rosie, I don’t trust. Like Rosie, I find myself running with worry, grasping for the wrong things to find security in. Rosie didn’t need the other horses to keep her safe. I wanted her to understand that I would keep her safe, but she didn’t believe me. Gentleness and patience alone weren’t enough to convince her; I learned how to show her I was indeed capable of being her protector and leader.

With this revelation, she gradually changed into a different horse. She started to trust me; she started to relax. As I continue working with her, her trust in me deepens. I can begin to bring greater opportunities that challenge and grow her. There are still moments where she chooses to worry over the peace that I offer, but I don’t react in anger or disappointment. We go back to the basics, the foundation where she learned to find rest with me. Rosie found in me a source of peace.

In much the same way, I am reminded every time I work with her, that I can find my source of peace in God. He is not merely a passive presence, but actively working in and through me to accomplish good and great things. No matter my circumstances, I don’t have to worry. He is my source of peace, and He has promised to be with me in every step of my life.

Disclaimer: Rosie is one of a couple of our horses still in the pre-program training. We do not incorporate horses into our student lesson program until their level of training, soundness, and health is appropriate for the task.

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– Holly Sinnema
Warm Beach Horsemanship Team Member

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