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Spring, a Season of Hope

Springtime is a season of hope. Young animals are being born. Seeds are beginning to sprout. Blossoms appear on the trees promising abundance in the fall. The Church celebrates the resurrection of Christ, the author of hope and the source of abundant and eternal life. 

As I reflect upon the Warm Beach Camp Ministries, we also are in a season of hope, of promise. The purposes of God in bringing Black Diamond Camp and Rainier Camp & Retreat Center together with Warm Beach Camp is being cultivated and nurtured. While no one can predict how the pandemic will affect summer, we are preparing for abundance.  

At Black Diamond Camp, summer programs are being prepared. Summer staff are being hired and facilities are being readied. At Rainier Camp & Retreat Center, the main lodge is receiving repairs and improvements, while older facilities are being carefully closed down allowing us to concentrate energy on improving the central aspects of the Camp.  

Warm Beach Camp is seeing tremendous growth in the horsemanship program. We recently received a grant for a staff position to focus on volunteer recruitment and fundraising so that we can fully focus on supporting the growth that is occurring.  

Summer groups are planning to bring family and youth groups to our Camps and work is underway to prepare facilities, care for grounds, and accomplish projects that will greatly enhance our guests stay. Even during the pandemic, the properties continue to receive care and attention so that they are fully prepared to receive campers. 

 This season of preparation, like watering seeds and awaiting the new plant’s emergence, brings hope as we look forward to the harvest to come. Whether in large or small numbers, with or without masks, in small cohorts or large groups, people will come to camp and have a transforming encounter with Christ. They will grow closer to their families. They will embrace Biblical truths that will change the trajectory of their lives. In so many ways, life changes here. This is our testimony and our hope.

-Patrick Patterson, COO
Warm Beach Camp Ministries

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Oasis Around the Campfire

For a few days we get to be together this summer. It will be a time of Oasis. Family and friends connecting after a long time apart. Its time. I am excited to be with you. I sure hope you can come. Our gathering will be filled with fresh simplicity and a relaxed space. Enjoy the pool, hike some trails, take in mini golf, disc golf, ride your bike, kids concert on the lawn, and make some incredible memories. Bring ...

More Than I Could Ask For

I volunteer with Warm Beach Camp Horsemanship. 2020 was my first year with the program, and it was remarkable! At first, I was a little bit wary of connecting with another group of horsewomen, as I had "PTSD" of sorts from my experiences at stables with other strong horsewomen. I felt God tugging at my elbow though, so I went through the volunteer registration process and set a date to meet Ginger at the Warm Beach Camp stables. Ginger and ...

Oasis Family Camp 2021 – What You Need to Know

I am so excited Warm Beach Camp is able to offer Oasis Family Camp this year! It will be Wednesday, July 28-Sunday, Aug. 1 and it's going to have a new look and feel this year. The focus is on connecting and having fun together as a family. Your family can connect with God through worship, devotions, hospitality, fellowship, and creation, and with each other through fun activities and time spent together! Due to COVID related restrictions, we will not ...