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A Leap of Faith

Adrian came to Camp as part of a guest group at Black Diamond. He was recognized for his outstanding participation in the virtue and wisdom courses during the retreat. The camp staff observed almost immediately that Adrian paid more attention during our virtue and wisdom seminars than any of the other boys. His questions about faith were well thought out.

Adrian made friends right away and approached each activity with great enthusiasm. One activity was a bit of a challenge for him. During the zipline activity, Adrian made the 30-foot climb up the tree but froze when he got to the top. The staff could tell something was wrong and patiently helped Adrian work through his fear, making sure Adrian felt safe. They let Adrian decide on his own whether to go any further. After 20 minutes Adrian was able to jump off the platform. We were all thrilled to see Adrian conquer his fear and take that leap of faith!

This is Why We’re Here

On this particular Friday, twelve pairs of eyes looked down at Onyx and I from the arena grandstands. As I sat on Onyx’s sturdy frame, I looked back at the twelve campers. My mind flashed to Monday, the first day of camp. There was one camper who had been scared to get on her horse. However, after some reassurance and coaxing she had said she would try to ride. “I am so proud of you for pushing through your fear! ...

Welcome to Linda McNeely!

Linda joins the Warm Beach Camp Ministries Business Office as the new Accounts Payable Associate with a background in accounting as a CPA. Linda and her husband Keith came to Warm Beach Camp as SOWERS (Servants on Wheels Ever Ready) in 2017 and have continued to serve in that capacity since that time, for several months each year. While volunteering at Warm Beach, the McNeely’s have really felt God’s presence and they enjoy the sense of family that Warm Beach ...

The Kids 2 Camp Benefit Auction Recap!

What a joy to be back together in person again for the Kids 2 Camp Benefit Auction. After two years of hosting the Kids 2 Camp Auction online due to Covid, we honestly didn’t quite know what to expect! There were quite a few changes from what we had done in 2019 including hosting it during Family Camp in the end of July, moving from the Big Top tent to the Maple Center, adding many family fun elements (including free ...