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July 2019 Project Updates


This month’s project updates include care for existing facilities and contribute to a more hospitable atmosphere for our guests.

  • New parking spaces and landscape areas were installed in the center parking loop in front of Cedar Lodge. Asphalt resurfacing is scheduled for the week of July 22.
  • The Cascadian Lodge remodel is finished and a facility dedication was July 7.
  • One staff cottage is in process of a bathroom remodel.
  • A new ticket booth for The Lights of Christmas is underway. This will replace a temporary booth that has lacked adequate heat and lights.
  • New security fencing is being installed around the water towers to provide added safety and security.

Warm Beach Camp continuously works to care for facilities and grounds so that the investments made by donors and volunteers endure in serving our guests and pointing people to Christ.

All of these things are made possible through generous donors and volunteers. If you are interested in learning more or making a contribution, please email the Development Department here

Effects of summer camp on adolescent growth

In the life of an adolescent, views of the world and God are highly dependent on that of their parent or guardian. Growing up, the influence of who they are and who God is, comes from what they are told by mom and dad. Eventually, they are surrounded by peers whose influence slowly adds to their worldview of what they believe about God and themselves. Emotionally, adolescents are overwhelmed by hormones and confusion of different feelings. They feel strong emotion ...

Towering achievement: Outdoor Education camps touch schools

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Living Memorials

MEMORIAL FOR/Given by:BARBARA JOHNSONMr. and Mrs. Don FriedrichELIZABETH KANEHENMr. and Mrs. David KanehenGORDON LINDGRENMrs. Carol JarrettBILL McKINDLEYMr. and Mrs. Don FriedrichMrs. Catherine JensenMr. and Mrs. Jim KaneenMr. and Mrs. Marvon McLaughlinMr. and Mrs. Ray SamuelsonMAYNO DELAMARTER PRIEBE Mrs. Myrtle MollerOPAL ROOTMr. and Mrs. Leon SpanglerROBERT AND JULIETTE VAN DINTERMr. Michael Van Dinter, Sr.