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Update on Projects – November 2011

Here is the latest news on the Camp projects currently underway:

  • We now have a hearing date set for the Conditional Use Permit. At the November 29 hearing, the Hearing Examiner will hear our proposal and listen to any community comments on our application. Both Camp representatives and key leaders in the surrounding community have worked diligently together for several years to prepare a proposal that is acceptable with the community and, we pray, will be approved by the County. Please join in praying for the meeting on November 29. We are still hopeful that our CUP permit will be approved before the end of this year.
  • CL_RR_Construction_250Work is moving ahead on the Cedar Lodge Restroom project. Because of some of the additional projects we have been required to do to bring the building up to current code, the work is taking longer than had been first expected. These projects include installing a sprinkler system on the main level, updating the sprinkler system on the lower level, and adding a fire detection system throughout the building. We also realized that it would save money down the line by re-roofing the center part of the structure as a part of this phase while we were changing the roof-line anyway. These projects have added significantly to the cost of this work and extended the time necessary for completion. We are still hopeful that the new restrooms will be in service by late March or early April, 2012.
  • This time of year is when a lot of our attention turns to preparing for The Lights of Christmas. Work is progressing very well on getting the lights up. We have a great crew this year working on the light-hanging! The other focus right now is on some new mural scenes and sets, and on the displays for the fence surrounding the restroom construction area in front of Cedar Lodge. Beginning the second week of November and continuing through the end of the month, we need a number of volunteers to help midweek with installing the pond scene, Natural Wonders, the nautical scene, preparing numerous panels of artwork and archways, and setting up tents. There are jobs requiring both heavy and light work. November 28-30 is also a key time to finish anything left undone — decorating some remaining facilities that cannot be touched until then, and cleaning up each venue — putting on all of the finishing touches just prior to opening night, December 1. Please pray for safety and a good supply of willing hands to help.
  • Help is still needed on a large firewood cutting and splitting project.

If you would be interested in volunteering to help with any projects, whether you have a few hours or a few days, contact Jessica Wilson at the Camp by phone at 1-800-228-6724 or email

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