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Created with You in Mind

There is something wonderful about arriving at a place and to people that have thoughtfully anticipated your needs and prepared something special for everyone who comes.

Warm Beach Camp Ministries (WBCM) is focused on this kind of thoughtful readiness for every leader and group that comes to Black Diamond Camp, Rainier Camp & Retreat Center, and Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center. It is an expression of our faith. Throughout Scripture are words and images of being “created with care.” Here are three of those images we hope everyone experiences:

  • The first image is the beautiful garden of Eden. God did all the preparation. After this beautiful preparation, He created people to enjoy all He put in place for them . In a small, but significant way, each of the three locations that make up WBCM are beautiful expressions of God’s creation. We seek to elevate the natural beauty for everyone who comes to connect with God through the beauty of what God created.
  • The second image is the way God leads people as described in Psalms 23. There are streams of refreshment, places of rest, and a table of feasting. This is happening in the context of difficult times, and hard circumstances. We want everyone who comes to experience refreshment, rest, and feasting God provides through the range of spaces, activities, sessions and food carefully prepared for them.
  • The third image is the new heaven and the new earth discussed in the book of Revelation. At the heart of this image is everything being made new or renewed. As we work with every group leader, it is our desire for people to experience a new sense of purpose, and a renewed love of God.

Our heart and effort is for everyone to experience the beauty of God’s creation and the care of God’s presence by creating something beautiful for everyone who visits.

Ed McDowell, CEO
Warm Beach Camp Ministries

The Delight of God

"No, the Lord’s delight is in those who fear him, those who put their hope in his unfailing love." -Psalms 147:11 NLT The Delight of God (spoiler alert: it’s you!) The writer of Psalms 147 makes three things clear: God provides for His created world. God responds to the needs of His children. He is not impressed by our own means of strength and power. There is one more thing God wants us to experience and know:  …the Lord’s delight ...

Welcome Jennifer Maxson!

Warm Beach Camp would like to introduce Jennifer Maxson as the Guest Services Event Coordinator! Jennifer was born in Utah and grew up in Shoreline, Washington. She attended Whitworth College and graduated with a bachelor’s in Religion. Jennifer worked at Cascades Camp in Yelm throughout high school and college and loved working with the horses at the ranch. She also has extensive work experience teaching preschool and elementary-age children at daycares and Christian schools. She was assistant manager of Quilter’s ...

Welcome Kevin Craig!

Warm Beach Camp Ministries would like to welcome Kevin Craig as the new Sales Manager! Kevin was born and raised in Rochester, New York, and at thirteen years old, his family moved to the San Francisco Bay area. Kevin has a vast camping ministry career that spans over 37 years! He worked as summer staff for a camp during high school and college before graduating from the University of California, Berkley, with a degree in Architecture. Kevin was called back ...