by Laurie Fertello, Warm Beach Camp Youth Program Director

I wasn't there that day in 2001 to attend the meeting, but I've heard a hundred times over that it was a "God thing"-the way He drew the people with passion and vision together to establish the Angel Tree Camping Program at Warm Beach Camp.

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By Sylvia Miles, Day Creek Chapel, Sedro Woolley, Washington

Who would have guessed that a video presentation made by Warm Beach Camp at Day Creek Chapel's Mission Conference in March would bring tears to the eyes of adults as they heard the "ooh's" and "aah's" of about 30 children seeing, for the first time, the opportunities offered through summer camping programs? At the end of the presentation, the announcement was made that every child would be able to go to camp this summer. When questioned, "Who wants to go?" thirty little hands shot up, plus those of a dozen teens. How was a rural congregation of about 125 going to keep such a promise to these eager children? This story is all about a link of love.

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The Volunteer Center is receiving much needed restrooms and laundry that will enable WBC to better support the volunteers that give so much to the ministry of the Camp. There is also a new deck added to the front of the restrooms & laundry that creates a welcoming community atmosphere. This project will be completed during the summer of 2008. Add a comment
Work began in 2006 and we are almost finished! The cabins & minilodges received new roofs, paint, and windows. Mt. Cabins 1-3 have a connecting deck and new archways also grace the entry points of the whole village. The Mt. Cabins received new bunks & mattresses and new door locks. The final pieces of this project are to add porch entryways to cabins 7-9 and possibly new carpet in the lobbies of the minilodges. These facilities serve thousands of guests a year, particularly in the summer. We are grateful for the donations and support that allow us to give these vital facilities much needed care. Add a comment
These phases include new restrooms upstairs, remodeled and expanded Cedar Lodge Chapel, and a new and expanded kitchen downstairs. Funding is still being pursued and work is projected to commence in 2010. Guests are eagerly anticipating these new upgrades that will allow us to better serve the increasing numbers of guests at Warm Beach Camp. Add a comment
Equestrian Vaulting is taking off at Warm Beach Camp. Since 2006, the program has developed into weekly lessons for over 40 kids as well as three competition teams. The team competes and performs exhibitions all over the Pacific Northwest and has finished well in the National Vaulting Championships held in Denver Colorado 2007. In support of the Vaulting program, we have finished construction on a small practice gym and purchased a third horse and vaulting surcingle. The next steps are to secure additional sponsorships to underwrite team travel costs, purchase one more surcingle, and build box stalls for the draft horses that are used for vaulting.  Add a comment
In addition to the Vaulting Program, work was completed to expand the parking and finish the snackshop. Twenty-four temporary indoor box stalls were erected over the winter to enable better care of the horses and reduced mud build-up in the winter pasture. Plans are being made to add draft horse stalls to the back of the indoor arena, build restrooms, expand the facility for a stock farm program, add false fronts on the buildings and landscape around Crum Pond. The new vaulting and riding lesson programs bring hundreds of guests and parents to the stables each week year-around. The facility just isn't conducive to that much traffic. A lack of bathrooms is a real inconvenience, particularly when other retreat guests are using nearby facilities. As the program develops, our goal is to bring a Western Town motif tying the Stables and Bayview into a themed environment. Add a comment
In addition to the Volunteer Center for meeting and laundry, we are in desparate need of housing for summer volunteers. Volunteer Camp Pastors and Nurses are needed every week to support the summer youth camps. Additionally, we turn away seasonal volunteers who need lodging. A lease lot cabin previously owned by the Palmer family is being upgraded to support volunteer lodging needs. Keep your eyes out for the Palmer House to be on-line the Summer of 2008.
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During the Summer of 2007, we launched a project to raise the quality of treated wastewater outfall to a "Re-Use" standard for reintroduction into the environment. This critical project allows us to exceed Dept. of Ecology standards for wastewater treatment plant discharge and will relocate the discharge point from a small stream to directly into Port Susan Bay. Thus, the "re-use" water will more rapidly dilute into the saltwater even further away from any housing. Re-use water can also be used for topical irrigation, flushing toilets, and other non-drinking applications. It is the highest standard of treated wastewater possible.

The pump and filtration systems are already in place. The Summer of 2008 will be when we install the pipes to Port Susan Bay and complete the project.

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A new 9-hole minature golf course was installed last year along with a new golf shack that offers snacks & drinks as well as golf equipment. This spring and summer we will be including additional patio seating and other finishing touches.

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Fresh from national competition in Watsonville, California, the Warm Beach Vaulters have already begun their 2008-09 season with competition in Chilliwack BC and Auburn Washington. Three teams and over twenty young people will be travelling to British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and finally to Lexington Kentucky for national competition in July 2009. Add a comment

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